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I would have loved if he spunked on the black keyboard!!
Posted By: RunkNizze Posted: 27th Nov 2006 10:18pm
And I would have loved it if he had spunked in my mouth.
Posted By: i_suck_scally_cock Posted: 27th Nov 2006 10:55pm
This is dead sexy - well horny. Pity we couldn't see more of his face but very nice x
Posted By: wakeyterrier Posted: 27th Nov 2006 11:54pm
I would love that young lad to spunk in ma mouth
Posted By: SCALLYSHAGGER Posted: 29th Nov 2006 06:41pm
i wouldent mind getting into those trackies,scally boys rock, and make me fucking horny.
Posted By: danny Posted: 1st Dec 2006 10:49am
he can cum in my mouth anytime
Posted By: cocky Posted: 3rd Dec 2006 01:04am
i dont see anything , only sound
Posted By: robster69 Posted: 3rd Dec 2006 12:39pm
he's a hottie, love his dick!!
Posted By: smigger Posted: 14th Dec 2006 03:20pm

He's a dirty fucker with a nice big dick. I'd love to get on the end of that
Posted By: brummiechavboy ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 19th Dec 2006 07:35pm
There is more excitment in a video if we see your face especially when you shoot a nice load likt that. The pain/pleasure expression on a boys face when he cums is as beautiful as the milk. Pleas give us another where we see your face and more of your body. Your dick is beautiful.
Posted By: bebert69 Posted: 20th Dec 2006 09:38pm
mmmmmmm how i wud luv that tissue
Posted By: dirtywankoff Posted: 30th Dec 2006 04:13pm
fuck me this kid could do anything to me an i'd let him
Posted By: CheshireDan Posted: 14th Feb 2007 11:08am
Gr8 fuckin vid shame we don't see more of him. Give us some more of this horney fuckin scally.
Posted By: Wet Scally Posted: 21st Mar 2007 12:23pm
god i could do better
Posted By: fitlad Posted: 23rd Mar 2007 01:36pm
^^ Go on then, prove it..
Posted By: scallybax Posted: 25th Mar 2007 01:50pm
from what i can see this kid looks rather pritty and could make himself a lot of money
Posted By: neil3734 Posted: 29th Mar 2007 03:58pm
horny little bastard - love to be on my knees in front of him!
Posted By: LeedsLS10 Posted: 8th May 2007 10:47am do i save it.
Posted By: o2bmenu Posted: 20th May 2007 07:20am
Next time spunk on ya trackies n wear handcuffs aswel m8
Posted By: lacostehandcuffedtra Posted: 22nd May 2007 02:48pm
Love him to spunk up my arse
Posted By: foxryan Posted: 28th May 2007 12:41am
He could give me a facial anytime
Posted By: Darkside610 Posted: 14th Jun 2007 11:21pm
man live cocks gd but no may fookers like showing off there fuck poles i am up for it on msn 7inches uncut any dirty fuckers excibtionist who dont give a fook msn ???
Posted By: scots Posted: 1st Jul 2007 12:03pm
wud of luv to see him shoot his load !!
Posted By: jamesaudia3 Posted: 4th Sep 2007 11:19pm
hot v hot
Posted By: simonmitch Posted: 11th Sep 2007 03:08am
well hot,
Posted By: julianc Posted: 18th Sep 2007 01:51pm
He certainly knows how to please himself.Id part with money for a taste of him
Posted By: ebt3 Posted: 10th Oct 2007 10:56pm
that load would have been great on them trackies
Posted By: mavica Posted: 11th Oct 2007 08:58pm
adidas a real turh on.Would like to se efull frontal and to b eib the room witht him wow
Posted By: heart47 Posted: 9th Jan 2008 10:28pm
it seems to finish about 3.20, has it got corrupted?
Posted By: DaveA Posted: 7th Apr 2009 09:25pm
so hot
Posted By: SAV5NYLON Posted: 28th Sep 2014 04:57pm
Hot lil fucker! I cud spend days with him n his tasty cock
Posted By: shortsbulge ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 31st Aug 2016 03:10pm
Love to suck your cock like m8
Posted By: pjallen Posted: 10th Sep 2018 12:15am