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Beautiful. but he looks really lost and sad all the way through :-( Just want to give him a great big scally hug and eat him on toast for breakfast! Yum :-)
Posted By: bridlingtonboy Posted: 14th Feb 2007 08:57pm
phil - u r beautiful and a lovely cock too. well nice trackies too. would cuudle u any day!
Posted By: brummiechavboy ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 15th Feb 2007 07:29am
I want to be your Daddy! Well cute and loveable. Keep it up! More vids please! xx
Posted By: spiritual1970 Posted: 15th Feb 2007 12:06pm
be class just to have a convo with him whilst i have this clip in my mind if you read this get in touch x
Posted By: CheshireDan Posted: 15th Feb 2007 04:11pm
hey there sexy love ur vids wouldnt mind u shooting a load over me hehe Hmmmmmmmm
Posted By: johnjay69 Posted: 16th Feb 2007 02:32am
Really hot vid, very cute. MORE MORE MORE! lol
Posted By: zombie_rev Posted: 17th Feb 2007 03:24pm
One word...beautiful x
Posted By: Skallypuffter Posted: 17th Feb 2007 03:41pm
u sexy twat
Posted By: dirtywankoff Posted: 18th Feb 2007 11:54am
Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Do it to me - all over me face. Gorgeous, beautiful, oh i'm in love. back in a mo gonna have to wank over his vid
Posted By: Cum In My Boxers Posted: 21st Feb 2007 08:03pm
ooh very nice. does he want to fuck m. i think he does the cheekey ting
Posted By: kev23 Posted: 4th Mar 2007 09:36pm
i want his spunk all over my face and splashed deep down my throat
Posted By: sweetspunk Posted: 14th Mar 2007 04:48pm
thats well fucking hot post some more pics mate i love it.
Posted By: teeside scally Posted: 16th Mar 2007 02:35am
Very nice, would love to lick it up for him.x
Posted By: nate67 Posted: 19th Mar 2007 11:31pm
Fuckin horney vid again looks so hot would love to see more. MMMMMMMMMMMM
Posted By: Wet Scally Posted: 21st Mar 2007 12:40pm
oh baby, i have had to wank over you, you are so hot give me your number please, horny little shit you are the hottest xxx
Posted By: oceanboy Posted: 29th Mar 2007 01:04am
He looked somewhat nervous, don't know why. He's a really cool looking lad. He's handsome, no doubt about it. Nice load of cum at the end :) Would have been nice maybe if he wore some jewellery like chains or rings. Hope we see more of him and relax man. Your a beautifull lad.
Posted By: Muttley ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 30th Mar 2007 07:30am
phil u got quite a fanclub here bud, u gotta do another vid for us!
Posted By: brummiechavboy ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 6th Apr 2007 09:48am

nice lad, lets see more video of him
Posted By: qazplm Posted: 7th Jun 2007 02:00am
wonder if his spunk tastes sweet, Looks a bit young like dint he, id bareback the fucka
Posted By: 8inchknob Posted: 18th Jun 2007 02:36am
really hot guy need to see more of your face on other vids to see if yer more relaxed now, but im sure i could bring a smile to yer face
Posted By: german ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 18th Jun 2007 12:38pm
would love to wear my trackies and have a web cam wank with you phil. love it!
Posted By: chav 4 life! Posted: 19th Jun 2007 12:48am
vid is so hot - what i wouldnt do to you - very very fit ! love it !
Posted By: nickishorny Posted: 3rd Jul 2007 10:08pm
luv to hav you cum in my mouth
Posted By: jamesaudia3 Posted: 4th Sep 2007 11:26pm
JESUS fkn christ - so cute, so natural (alright, only kiddin!), so fuckable, so meeeeeeeeee...........
Posted By: olescally Posted: 14th Oct 2007 07:37am
very nice video mate, would loved to have helped you get off
Posted By: scottyboy1978 Posted: 27th Oct 2007 07:09pm
that wat was awesome made me shoot just now and he got it on his trackies mmmmmmmm
Posted By: carttoon boxer shorts Posted: 29th Nov 2007 10:45pm
real hot , wish i could watch him or same on cam
Posted By: scallyladlover Posted: 23rd Dec 2007 12:21pm
fucking thing don,t work does it and its not the only one
Posted By: Tony700 Posted: 16th Jan 2008 10:29am
Fuking hot cute lad. A really keen jerker. Great mate. Keep it cuming!!
Posted By: Randycunt ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 10th Jun 2012 10:57pm
mmmm nice load
Posted By: spawn Posted: 23rd Feb 2019 06:24pm
mmmm nice load
Posted By: spawn Posted: 23rd Feb 2019 06:24pm