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cant get it to work
Posted By: german ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 13th Jan 2007 11:50pm
Nice! Very hot!
Posted By: RunkNizze Posted: 14th Jan 2007 12:21am
i cant get it to work either
Posted By: tiedguy Posted: 14th Jan 2007 12:46am
Nice load! It works ok with Mozilla but not with IE for some reason.
Posted By: peter661 ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 14th Jan 2007 08:22pm
tyvm yes it worked and it was worth it ty
Posted By: german ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 15th Jan 2007 02:11am
wow great cum shot !
Posted By: mavica Posted: 16th Jan 2007 02:49pm
mmm nice cumshot would love that in my mouth
Posted By: Kenny (staff) ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 17th Jan 2007 10:51am
Mate, I'd love to sniff your cum stained trackies whilst you wank all over me
Posted By: brummiechavboy ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 25th Jan 2007 09:47pm
very nice and horny Hmmmm over me next plz ;o)
Posted By: johnjay69 Posted: 16th Feb 2007 02:45am
would give anything to have this guy with me :(
Posted By: CheshireDan Posted: 22nd Feb 2007 11:13am
that shaved cock is so nice :( wish he'd get in touch
Posted By: CheshireDan Posted: 22nd Feb 2007 11:14am
very hot
Posted By: petert Posted: 13th Mar 2007 04:15pm
great cock lot of cum
Posted By: davedorset Posted: 14th Mar 2007 03:30pm
Nice cock & lot's of hot spunk.... mmmm
Posted By: bigthingcoming Posted: 21st Mar 2007 09:09pm
fucking got an instant hard on watching that nice load time let me clean up
Posted By: volvicdick Posted: 12th Apr 2007 05:07pm
any of you lads who posted responces good lookin wanna meet for cumming action??? get in touch ..
Posted By: CheshireDan Posted: 20th Apr 2007 02:55pm
wish he was cumin in ma mouth
Posted By: stevenuk26 Posted: 6th May 2007 01:00am
wat mor cud u want?????????
Posted By: Donkey Cock Posted: 7th May 2007 02:07am
mmmm,love to have a cam wank wiv you
Posted By: rudeboy31 Posted: 29th May 2007 08:59pm
mmmmmmmmmmmmm whys there no cock like this in dundee dam
Posted By: scots Posted: 27th Jun 2007 02:37pm
mmm m8 loved it wish u did cam
Posted By: scallyladlover Posted: 29th Jun 2007 11:56am
click yer refresh button if its no showing comes up then great load shot any one fancy msn like this man like knocking one oot ???juicy cock by the way
Posted By: scots Posted: 1st Jul 2007 12:17pm
Well nice cock and cum shot fella we need more of ya
Posted By: Chrisinuk Posted: 5th Jul 2007 11:56pm
forget about the cock and cumshot although its great..just love the sound when hes finished rubbing his trackis what a horny sound
Posted By: adidas_nl Posted: 8th Jul 2007 08:06am
hot hot
Posted By: scallyladlover Posted: 19th Jul 2007 12:16pm
Fukin mint!
I soooo fukin luv him putting his cock back in his trakkies without even bothering to wipe it clean. This is soooo scally & fukin horny..
Posted By: charvaluver Posted: 31st Aug 2007 11:52am
that's what i was just gonna say lad. proper dirty scally fucker!! imagine the spunk running down his leg!! fucking sweet!
Posted By: scousekidda Posted: 1st Sep 2007 04:55pm
That cockshot makes me wanna cum, Mmmmmm wish that spray of hot cum hit me in the face so I could lick it all up...its a pity we did not get to see the wank session before the explosion. Nevertheless, thanks - really hot!!! wanna see cum shots like that here
Posted By: Calypso Posted: 18th Sep 2007 11:37am
nice load
Posted By: mavica Posted: 11th Oct 2007 09:41pm
proper scally wipin is drippin cock in his trackies - fkn sweeeeet m8! gr88 vid!!
Posted By: olescally Posted: 21st Nov 2007 05:40pm
OMG tht is well hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Donkey Cock Posted: 29th Nov 2007 02:20pm
nice cumshot and even hornier puttin' ya cock away without wiping it, love it m8
Posted By: I love scallys Posted: 6th Dec 2007 09:22am
Nice cum shot mate! You must have saved that one up for a while And then yr stick your cum soaked dick str8 back in yr trackies. Dirty cunt. Great!!!
Posted By: Randycunt ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 28th Mar 2012 09:34am