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Posted By: martyboy1983 Posted: 26th Dec 2006 10:29pm
Is this some sort of joke?
Posted By: zombie_rev Posted: 28th Dec 2006 02:25pm
Posted By: gazbaz Posted: 11th Jul 2007 06:16pm
this is fit as fuck! would love to see your cock in them though!!!
Posted By: AK123 Posted: 28th Jul 2007 12:23am
the guy who owns these nikes is on this site on page 60, pic 527. I know him and made this vid when he left his bag in the locker room of the gym we go to so i took a chance and made this before he came back. GO TO WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MARCLISTER
Posted By: AK123 Posted: 28th Jul 2007 12:42am
betta wiv sum sort of action, any1 has a pair of these get bk to me plz
Posted By: "L" Posted: 9th Aug 2007 02:35am