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Naked, Hard And Horny. Into Dads / Chav Dads.

Hampshire, England

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About Me:
I'm into: exhibitionism... underwear... showering... body contact... kissing... wanking... being sucked & sucking (at discretion)... videoing / filming fit, good looking guys. Love Triga scally porn.
Love fit/arrogant chavs/scallies with beautiful arses and big cocks. Love sporty types,twinks,labourers,truckers,DADS and tradies too. Into porn,swapping underwear/stealing used underwear.

Looking for horny 'phone buddies. Send me your numbers guys.
Occupation: Making Contact With And Hopefully Bedding Fit Married / Separated / Divorced DADs / Scallies And Chavs! Looking For Horny 'Phone Buddies Too.

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Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Yes
Drugs: No
Safe Sex: Yes
Sex Role: Versatile
Penis Size: 7"

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Registered 26th July 2015 01:54pm
Last Online 26th December 2021 06:49am


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