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Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland

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Well am just the best good looking and sexy Glaswegian ned out and maybe a scally u will need to find out tbh im bi (only been with guys though and seem to like guys more)
prefer guys under 30
but anyone can message me especially if you have a good personality and are easy to get on with and if ur a ned or scallyv
i always say watever happens happens) xx!!
Occupation: full time Ned

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Facebook:Rab Rambo Mc
Gay Orientated
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Single
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
Drugs: Sometimes
Safe Sex: Sometimes
Sex Role: Bottom
Penis Size: 6.5"

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Registered 14th September 2013 03:28am
Last Online 19th January 2014 01:38am


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