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Chav Crew (Views: 4,162)
I know a few chav crews other than the one I get done off. Well one group was on the bus when I was on way home from work at hospital. I sat with them at top deck at back of bus.

I was desperate for cock after a shit day at work. The 4 of them were well fit. Typical chavs, six packs, sports gear bad lads lol. Anyway I sat on Matt one of the lads laps. They knew me as they had seen me before with that crew of chavs that shags me.

They had there hands all over me, Matt was feeling my tits, and Bradley was feeling my legs whlist Sam and Craig just looked on clearly playing down their trackkies. I told them I needed a seeing too.

I had on my work skirt its a office style black number sexy but smart (they let us ware skirts again). Matt sat me inbetween him and Bradley, I snogged Matt whlie Bradley put his hand up my skirt, he pulled my red lacy knickers to one side and sliped a finger into my tight wet cunt. He started to finger me while I snogged Matt. Anyway we did this for a bit then we got off bus and went into this pub near me. I felt there hard chests and arms as we sat in pub. Anyway we went into bog(its a dive this place lol but i kinda like it like that as u can do what u want) and I went into cubical with Sam, I wanked his hard dick off and he came in my mouth and I swallowed his hot juice.

After that I gave Craig a blowjob licking his cock at same time and taking his dick deep. He fucked my face, I then gave him a tit wank and then sucked him more. He came in my mouth again I swallowed his load.

After this Matt had his turn, I sucked his hard dick fast whlist I fingered myself as I squated. He came quick down my throat.

They all went then and told Bradley to tell them what he did later.

Bradley was the best of four. He pushed me against the wall of cubical and snogged me deep, he pulled my knickers down a bit and I took them off fully. I pulled my skirt down as well and he fingered me hard and fast whlist snogging me. He had two fingers in my tight wet cunt as he fingered me hard snogging me and kissing biting my neck. He got my tits out and sucked them whlist fingering me hard. He made me have a massive orgasm and I squrted on his hand. He had his hand on my mouth when I came so I would not be heard. This turned me on as he had motorcross gloves on. He then sat on the bog with his trackies down his ankles, I got condom out of my purse and put it on and I rode his hard dick on the bog whlist he snogged me. He pumped my pussy hard and fast. He came in the condom after he had made me cum again from shagging me. He gave me his number and Im going to do him again.
Added: 29th June 2013 07:19am