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Fucked By Jevons (Views: 2,336)
My sister knows this well fit lad called Jevons. Anyway I went around to his flat to pick up a film my sister lent him.

Well when I got there we sat down on his couch and chatted for a bit. He then said he fancied me and he then started to feel my leg. I had a tight pink crop top on and tiny pink skirt. He rubbed it for a bit whlist telling me how sexy I was.

After that he asked me for a snog then leant forward and we snogged. He sucked my tongue good and he kept feeling my legs. He was such a good kisser it was getting me wet and his flat had this really seedy smell that turned me on.

After we stopped this was about 8 mins later. I said we cant do anything else as I have to get back. He then said ok he understands and I said I was going and as I got up he grabbed my arm and thrust me on top of him on the couch and started to kiss me.

I kissed him back and we ended up rolling on the floor him on top of me. He sucked and kissed my neck and I kept saying whlist still kissing him no we cant I got to go. Then he kept biting and sucking on my neck. I loved this, his sexy body felt great. He then pulled his shirt off and took his trakkies off and his ck boxers

He got back on top of me with this massive hard on, his 8 inch cock felt so big.

I kept kissing him and saying no inbetween and then he pulled my top off and bra and started to suck my tits and kiss my neck whlist I felt back of his head and body. I kept saying no until he pulled my knickers off and hiked my skirt up and put his bare dick in my cunt which was soaking wet.

So he is on top of me now fucking me im saying no then I just say in his ear "fuck it fuck me sexy fuck me jevons hard" and he then thrusted me hard and fast really pumping and pounding my wet fuck hole.

He kept fucking me hard and fast whlist snoging me, he tasted great. The whole situaltion of me on the floor on my back being forced into this in a way made me cum and squrt on his cock hard. He kept pounding me really filing my hole with his cock as we lay on the carpet like animals fucking hard raw passion he really nailed me hard. His hard throbbing cock then exploded in my wet cunt. I came again due to his cum filling me up.

He got up and sat down and smoked whlist I layed on the floor playing with my cum filed cunt. I smoked with him and we then had some weed after the regular cigs. After that I had to go home but he said he wanted more so again he grabbed me after he got hard again and carried me to his bedroom.

I was loving it he is fucking gorgeous, he threw me on the bed and got on top again and then bare fucked me some more after a bit he pulled out and put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him hard and licked his balls at same time. He then took advantage of my high state and licked and spat in my arsehole and then he fucked my arse hard doggy style. He pumped my tight arse whlie fingering my cunt. I moaned really loud as this fucking gorgeous chav banged the shit out of my shitbox.

After a good 15 mins of anal he put me on my back then he put it back in my cunt this time with my legs in air wrapped around his body as he pumped and pounded my swollen cunt. He pumped me hard making me cum again and again he would not stop I was scraching his back in sheer extascy as he gave me the fucking of a lifetime, sex Id not had as good since my ex Mark(rough muscley chav lad who I went out with for 5 years should have been married but he left me before wedding in debt) then he turned me over and did me doggy style until he came in my cunt again. We got dressed then he walked me home. He said he wanted more and I said sure baby Ill be up for another session.
Added: 29th June 2013 07:18am