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Stories » Adam And Straight Jack
Adam And Straight Jack (Views: 3,721)
After a crazy night at a friends house, Jack and Adam stumbled into the bedroom. There was only one bed left so they both got in. Adam recently admitted that he was gay but Jack didn't mind sharing the bed, mainly because he was pissed off his tits and completely stoned. Adam was in the same state and was more than delighted to share a bed with Jack. He always had a thing for Jack. He had short brown hair and a brow piercing. He had a constant six pack that he loved showing off. After a few minutes Jack spoke aloud

"i'm dyin for a wank"

"go ahead, i don't mind" Adam responded jokingly

"ah, i'm too lazy...wanna do it for me?"

Adam paused, not too sure if Jack was serious. He turned to Jack who was smiling with his eyebrows raised up. Jack grabbed Adam's hand and placed it on his tracksuit pants. Adam could feel Jack's boner sticking up

"go on" Jack teased as he pulled down his tracksuit "you know you want to"

Adam slowly pulled down Jack's boxers as Jack smiled for convincing Adam to go through with it. Adam took a firm grip of the cock and started to wank him off. Jack closed his eyes and bit his lip. Adam hesitated at first but once he was into it, he started pulling harder...faster. Jack started to moan in ecstasy and then he suddenly grabbed Adam's arm, causing him to stop. Jack looked towards Adam with a menacing glance

"wanna suck me off?"

Adam hesitated...he wasn't sure if it was okay...he was his friend. Adam looked back to Jack and told him no. Jack seemed disappointed but was willing to make a compromise. Adam smiled

"okay then, strip...completely"

Jack paused briefly before considering he'd get a good sucking off for it. Without hesitation he took off his jersey and tossed it to one side. Meanwhile Adam took his tracksuit and boxers off, throwing them to the floor. Adam positioned himself over Jack and placed his finger on Jack's chest. He stroked his finger on Jack's six pack and his "treasure trail" until finally reaching his cock. He took firm grasp of it and then went down sucking while Jack gave out moans and moved around in pure pleasure. After it was done Jack lay back. Adam sat back up to him and smiled. He looked at the naked chav beside him and went to sleep.
Added: 29th June 2013 07:15am