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A Dirty Fuck (Views: 15,081)
Alright lads, got a bit of a story to tell ya. Me names Steve and I'm a 30 yr old dirty builder. 6ft stocky and hairy, rough as fuck and I have 2 great passions in life, getting twated and bumming sweaty lads on the building sites.

Last week was fucking awesome, been working with me new apprentice lad Ben. Cocky little fucker thinks he knows it all. Well all week he'd been giving it large about how he's been fucking these 2 birds and they think he's a stud and got a huge fucking dick they love etc.

By Friday im fucking horny, been a dry week for getting me cock seen too! So a few off us end up down the pub having a few beers and a laugh. Ben is looking fucking fit in roughed up old trackies, paint covered t-shirt rigger boots and an old hi viz vest stuffed in his trackies. By the end of the night a few beers had been sunk and it ended up with me and Ben downing a few shots and staggering out the pub. I offered him the chance of a bit of a smoke and some beers at my place. I new the little shit would couldn't resist coming round. So we is sat chatting and he's going on about these birds and he's got his hand down his trackies playing with his cock, I could see he was getting a semi which started to get me hard. I asked him if he wanted to watch some porn and I shoved on a DVD off a bi 3 some which he seemed to get into, before long I could se he was really stiff in those trackies and was playing with his cock.

I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and sat in my tight boxers with me hand down em playing with my 8inch fat cock. I'm a hairy bloke and Ben commented on how fit I was for 30, cheeky cunt I thought although he's a ripped fucker, nice six pack and firm chest with just a nice covering of blonde hair leading down to a tempting bulge. Following my lead he pulled off his trackies revealing some nice hairy legs.

This is where it kicks off lads, I was stoned and pissed and thought fuck it, I just pulled of the boxers and let me stiff cock out, I started having a good tug on me meat, next thing Ben stands up and pulls of his tight white Calvin boxers and a huge sweaty scally cock is standing there, he has trimmed up blonde pubes and big bollocks. I said to him "that's one fucking nice cock m8" "Cheers" he said back "you too".

Next thing lads Im on me knees and he's shoving his sweaty cock in my mouth and im swallowing to the back of my throat, sucking and licking his fat hard cock. He's got hold of my head and the scally cunt is face fucking me hard, Im choking but loving the taste and smells of this filthy lads cock. His balls slapped against my face as he forces it in, then fuck me if he don't just cum in me gob. My mouth filled with his salty sticky cum. I had to swallow as it dribbled out of my mouth. As he pulled out and collapsed in the chair he said " I always new you was a dirty fucking faggot"

This just got me fucking harder and my bell end leaked even more pre cum. So I got hold of his head and pushed it down on my cock, he didn't like it at 1st but soon he was sucking away on my dick. He licked my hairy sweaty balls and got his tongue round my foreskin. I was soon ready to shoot over the fuckers face, and what a load it was. After Cumming he looked up at me and his face was drenched in my jizz.

But I wasn't done with this dirty bastard and he new it. Still recovering from a face full of my spunk I bent him over the sofa and spread his legs to reveal a tight slightly hairy bum hole. I went straight in tonguing the fucking thing getting deep inside his sweaty hole, he squirmed like a bitch and moaned as I got him wetter with my tongue. Fuck me if he didn't get hard again. He tasted of sweaty chav, I could smell his bollocks and dirty Pitts as I licked away at that hot tight arse. Just when he was getting into it I pulled him up, through him on the sofa and sat my hairy arse in his face. He new what he had to do and he was good, his tongue was up my shit hole good and proper and fucking made me hard. He couldn't get enough bum hole. As he licked me out I played with his cock, wanking him hard and slow, pre cum oozing through my fingers. I new I had to have him fuck me after he had opened up my arse with his tongue and fingers.

Now im over the sofa his cock buried up to the balls in me and we are both sweating as he pounds my arse with his fat large cock, he fucked me like one off his birds and it was awesome I shot my load while he was inside me and soon after he pulled out and came over my hairy arse, I could feel his spunk dripping down my bum crack.

It was the dirtiest fucked I had had for a while and he will be back for more.
Added: 29th June 2013 07:09am