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Stories » First Time Being Sucked By A Scally Boy
First Time Being Sucked By A Scally Boy (Views: 8,104)
Was on a bus in Leeds didn't know nobody so took advantage if that by wearing trackies for the weekend, was wearing my black trackies tucked in to me tartan socks with AirMax95s got on a local bus into there twn and does wat every chav does goes top deck back and sat down.

Two stops later this young chav lad with short scally haircut baby face comes up with his hands dwn his trackies and walks towards the bck, it seemed an internity for him to walk dwn jst hear his trackies swish swish gave me a instant hard-on( in straight but love trackies) so I rearranged myself to try n cover my bonar up but kept in poking through my trackies.

The chav boy could of sat on oppersite side of bus but sat facing me and forgetting bout my hard on he says well u gonna let me touch ya, I hesitated felt bit intimidated but said yes he told me to move next him, so I did slowly heart is racing at this time and my cock us thobing.

He slid his hand down my trackies I cud feel his trackie jacket agaisnt me, my cock throbing even more i cud of cum there and then I felt his hand grip my cock moving his hand up and down this felt fantastic, it took my breath away Wow it was good he then said it's gonna get better mate.

I closed my eyes and put my hand in his trackies they felt so smooth and had they nylon type material i rubbed his crotch and felt his cock get hard and harder I thn felt him pull my trackies down slightly while he was doing tht he got on his knee and startig licking my balls this made me orgasm big time I was breathing so hard I never noticed he was giving my a blowjon the best blowjob I had ever got.

It wasn't long till I was bout to cum so he sat down and stood me up sucking me off again and then i said gonna cum he gave ne handjob till I came over his tracksuit.

Once I came he out his hand in his trackies and started wanking very quickly I pulled his trackies down and told him to wank and cum on my trackies he went at as quick as he cud then he blasted his cum all over me and thanked me for the relief he needed it
Added: 29th June 2013 07:07am