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Wanking Over Scallies (Views: 4,087)
sitting around the house getting bored so l alone in the house nothing to do nothing on tv so got on the pc to c what every body is doing but when i started it up an ad come up with two scally lads just in trackies now i thought it was a virus or sumthink but by cing that ad my cock started to twitch now i thought of somthing to do .

so i went to my room and changed from jeans to football kit and trackies so i go back down stairs and find the best scally site and start stroking my cock slowly and as the vids and pics get better the quicker i start wanking then i stop and slowly take off my trackies, and my cock and shorts pop out with ease and then i found a vid of two scallies wanking in shorts the same as i am weareing so it made it twice as sexy, so i standnd and wank very fast by now and then i feel that suden rush and then it hits me the warm and sticky cum has landed in my shorts and now i sit in relif and wonder if i should change or go to bed in the same shorts covered in cum and u glance at the pc and i thought yes so u do but u wank again only this time i have lubicant its even better so the next time u wanna wank wear somthink lite like trackies or shorts to sock up ur cum .
Added: 29th June 2013 07:04am