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Stories » Danny Gets Turned - Part 2
Danny Gets Turned - Part 2 (Views: 4,441)
Danny quickly made his way towards the doors of the red-brick garage, unlocked them and pried them open a crack. It was pitch black inside. He slipped in and pulled the doors shut behind him. He stood for a moment in the absolute darkness, his heart pounding a little, waiting for his eyes to adjust. He could see dim shapes in the blackness. His own garage and house were identical in layout to his neighbours, so he should have no difficulty finding his way around, but if this garage was anything like his it would be stuffed to the gunnels with junk.

It wasn't. As his eyesight slowly adapted to the lack of light he could see that the garage was relatively empty. There were quite a lot of large boxes near the back, left over from the move no doubt. Maybe there was something worth pinching in one of those. He moved to investigate, then...thwack! His face smacked into something solid and cold. His head rang with pain and he doubled over, his hands clutching his face. The rattle of metal above told him he had walked into...chains? Who had chains dangling from the middle of their garage roof? Blood welled in a small gash above his dark, thin eyebrows. He pressed his fingers to it and examined the chains. They seemed to be suspended from a ring set into the centre roof beam, coming down to...well, his head-height obviously! Angry and a bit dazed Danny staggered on.

The boxes were mostly cardboard and looked as though they had contained some heavy duty furniture or equipment. They were all empty now, he found upon closer inspection, although a receipt in one showed that his neighbour had paid nearly 400 quid for "Stocks". Danny didn't know what that meant - "stock" was just another name for "stuff"; whatever shops sold was their stock, wasn't it? He was a bit puzzled - but if his neighbour could afford to splash out hundreds of quid for new stuff for his house then that was probably where he would find the good stuff worth nicking. He should head up there.

As he moved towards the connecting door that led to the house Danny noticed something glinting in the corner of the garage, on an old workbench that he'd overlooked before. It looked like gold- result! Danny picked it up and turned it over in his hands. It looked like a sovreign ring, quite hefty. In the darkness it was difficult to make out the exact design on the ring, but it looked a bit familiar - like it was something he was quite used to seeing. Of course, he had a sovvy or two of his own - he and all his mates wore rings like this one - so it wasn't too surprising that he might have seen one like this. He pocketed the ring to examine more closely later.

Underneath the workbench there was a pile of clothing lying balled up. It looked like pretty good gear too - trackies, footie top, boxers and sports socks - all brand name stuff. It was the sort of stuff Danny might wear, real scally boy gear, but he couldn't picture Joe the biker knocking about in gear like this. Anyway, it looked way too small to fit his neighbour's bulkier, muscled frame. It looked more like Danny's size, or some lad round about his size anyway. Lifting up the boxers on impulse Danny held them to his face and had a quick sniff. The pungent aroma of cock hit him square on. These had been worn by a lad recently and spunked in by the smell of it! Danny's own cock started to respond in his trackies and he slid a hand down inside and adjusted his sudden erection.

Danny was dying for a wank now, longing to rub this other lad's spunky boxers against his throbbing cock, but he had business to take care of - there must be more to nick in the house and he didn't know how long he had before his neighbour's mate was gonna show up.

Surrendering to the urgent needs of his teen boner, Danny slipped the waistband of his white trackie bottoms down, freeing his hard-on, which sprang out as if it had a mind of its own. He held the white cum-stained Calvins to his face and breathed deep. The rush of sweaty, spunky air that he inhaled made him feel quite dizzy and he was instantly overcome with lust.

Sometimes it bothered Danny that other guys' underwear turned him on, especially a ripe pair of well-worn boxers. He had once had the chance to lift a pair of his mate Brydo's from his bedroom floor while his mate had been taking a shower before they went off up the town one night. He had slipped Brydo's boxers, white Calvin Kleins like the ones he now held in his hand, into the pocket of his trackie top and hid them there all night, boning up regularly at the thought of his mate's boxers tucked safely out of sight for later use. Only later that night when he'd got back from a night of underage drinking and general laddish behaviour, alone in his room, had he dared take them out and held them up to his face for a tentative sniff. He remembered how overpowering the stink of his mate's young cock on those boxers had been that night, all musky - smelling faintly of piss and cum. Danny loved it and hated himself for loving it at the same time!

He transferred the white, warm boxers to his other hand - his wanking hand - and started to rub them against his stiff, red cock. He leaned back against the workbench and pumped his cock hard with the boxers gripped tight around his meat. The stylised "DM" tattooed between his thumb and forefinger slid up and down along his thick, young shaft and he moaned with obvious pleasure, biting his lower lip hard enough to almost draw blood. He wondered who the scally boy - because obviously these were the clothes of a scally, not biker-boy Joe's - was who had left these behind. And why would anyone leave their clothes behind on the floor of his neighbour's garage? Maybe he had changed into other clothes here - biker's leathers maybe? Had Joe taken some local scally for a ride? If that was the case, why hadn't Danny seen the lad riding pillion on Joe's bike as he left? It was all too confusing for Danny to work out - and it was soon forgotten as his cock began to demand his attention.

He could feel the familiar tingle of pleasure beginning to build - a pressure in his balls, throbbing at the base of his cock. He sped up his wank, thick silver chain links jingling at his wrist as he pumped hard. A loud groan escaped him as his prick erupted and hot spunk shot out to be engulfed by the boxers wrapped around his dick. His breathing was ragged - too many fags - as he slowly pulled back his loosening foreskin and wiped the sticky mess from the sensitive tip of his cock. The boxers were really well-used now - but he definitely wasn't finished with these! Balling up the sticky mass, he shoved them into the pocket of his trackies and zipped it back up.
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