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Stories » Danny Gets Turned - Part 1
Danny Gets Turned - Part 1 (Views: 8,099)
Danny was really bored. He'd been hanging about the house all day, watching daytime TV and munching microwave snacks, smoking endlessly and idly playing with his semi, slipping his hand casually down the front of his trackies. He had thought that leaving school was gonna be so cool - get an apprenticeship at a mechanics, bit of money in his pocket for booze an a bit of weed at the weekend, find a wee car to do up an race about in - easy life! It hadn't turned out that way though. The apprenticeship had fallen through. At 16 Danny was too young to go on the dole. Finding a job was proving a hopeless task - and he'd be fucked if he was going back to school again, even college was too much like school!

At least he had the place to himself, with his younger brother being out at school and his older brother and mum out at work. He could basically do what he wanted...although that usually meant sitting about doing nothing all day. He switched off the TV an threw the remote onto the sofa. Tilting his head back and stretching out his legs he closed his eyes and started to stroke his cock a bit more firmly. Feeling it swell beneath his fingers he gripped it hard and started to jerk it steadily, slow to start with, then gaining speed. In his head it wasn't him pleasuring himself, it was his mate Brydo's sister Stephanie - a sexy wee blond with lovely tits, who had always shown an interest in him but he had never gone there because...well, her brother was a mate.

Without really understanding why he started to think about his mate Brydo an that time at New Year they had got wasted on vodka an sat in his mum's loo sharing a joint, both of them only in their boxers. Brydo had popped a boner and Danny had felt really weird when he noticed it - like he couldn't keep his eyes off it. Brydo hadn't noticed, luckily - Danny didn't want his mate thinking he was gay! Thinking about it now though, he wondered why his mate had been hard, being alone in there with only Danny. He could remember just how big his mate's cock had looked, straining through his tight, white boxers and now he found himself wondering what it would feel like to be doing this - jerking away - at his mate's cock instead of his own. He wondered what would have happened if he'd put his hand down between Brydo's legs that night and brushed it against his mate's stiffie. Would he have let him? Would it have gone further?

All of a sudden he felt a surge of pleasure run through him - he was cumming - hot, sticky spunk squirted into his hand and through his fingers, staining the inside of his white trackie bottoms. Danny pulled his hand out of his trackies and idly wiped it against his abs before pulling his football top down over the sticky mess he'd made. Just then the doorbell went. Danny was a bit alarmed, wondering if whoever it was had seen him having his wank as they approached the door. Getting up he peered through the front window into the street. He couldn't see who was at the front door, but there was that black Transit van parked next door again! He hadn't met his new neighbour yet, but he knew he drove a wee green 207 - this black van kept parking outside next door's house though, would stay for hours on end and then leave! Danny had never seen anyone going out or in - it was a bit puzzling. Shaking his head and glancing down quickly to check his boner had subsided enough, he opened the front door.

Danny opened the door to see a large guy, probably somewhere in his late 30s/early 40s standing on the front step. He was wearing bikers leathers, dark blue and white, the jacket zipped up to mid-chest, showing some well-defined pecs and dark or tanned skin. His head was shaved and his eyebrow pierced with a bar. He looked up as Danny appeared in the doorway, his eyes a sharp, icy blue, and smiled.

"Awrite mate. We haven't met yet - I'm your new neighbour. I'm Joe." he said, stretching out his hand.

On reflex Danny reached out and shook the guy's hand, forgetting that his would probably still be a bit sticky from his recent wank. As his neighbour gripped his hand tight Danny could feel the patches of his cum making his skin slide against the older man's grip.

Joe looked down at their hands with a smile, "Been up to much today mate?" He asked with a grin.

Danny could feel himself starting to redden. Danny had one of those pale complexions that displayed his feelings to the world - anger, embarrassment or lust would all send the blood rushing to his face. He quickly broke contact with the man and his hand shot behind his back guiltily.

"Anyway..." Joe continued, "...I know you don't know me at all mate, but I've got a bit of a favour to ask and I don't know anyone round here yet, so I was wondering if you could do me a good turn?"

Danny shrugged, "Depends mate...what's the favour?" He knew the guy was still getting moved in proper - he had seen large boxes, heavy-looking ones being carried into the house next door for days now. If he could avoid being roped into heavy lifting then he would - Danny wasn't one for serious exertion if he could possibly get out of it.

Joe reached into a zipped pocket of his bikers gear and produced a bunch of keys. He held them out to Danny.

"A mate of mine is coming over to give me a hand with some conversion work next door, but I've been called into work...bit of an emergency. I was wondering if you could hang on to these keys and I'll text him to say to knock here and ask for them?"

Danny looked at the keys - was this guy for real...trusting him with the keys to his house? He tried to keep the smile off his face and look trustworthy.

"Erm...sure mate...whatever. When is your mate due?" he asked innocently.

"About an hour or so. Shouldn't be much longer than that mate." replied Joe.

"No problem then mate." said Danny, accepting the bunch of keys.

Joe smiled, "Cheers Bud. Nice to know I've got at least one mate round here."

Danny grinned as he closed the door. Yeah right "mate", he thought to himself, you've just made my day!

He studied the keys. Looked like the house keys, maybe a garage key and one that looked like the key to a padlock. He couldn't wait to see what that opened! He watched at the window until he saw Joe get on his bike and race off round the corner, before he left the house and headed next door.

Not too far away Joe was smiling under the helmet as he sped down the narrow council estate streets. He wondered if that sexy young scally boy had even waited til he was out the street before heading for his neighbour's house to see what he could pick up. Joe could still feel the lad's sticky spunk on his skin under his leather glove. He could feel himself getting rock solid as he remembered the way Danny had been lying on his sofa, head tilted back and eyes closed, biting his thin bottom lip, his pale cheeks flushed while his hand had pumped away under his trackies. He had almost been sorry when the boy had finished and he'd gone to ring the doorbell. But if everything worked out then he'd be seeing a lot more of his hot new neighbour.
Added: 29th June 2013 06:59am