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Bad Chavs Fuck Jade Hard (Views: 9,191)
I got all tarted up for some sex as my twat was wet and begging for cock. I wore fishnet tights, short red skirt, red knickers, big red heels and a red tight crop top with no bra on. I had my big hoop earrings in and wore red lipgloss and lots of make-up in general. I went around to the back of the spar and met up with Jason, Nicky and Jake.

Jake who lives near me from the Chav sex trade story was there. He'd fucked me a few times when his mum and dad weren't in at his house after the Chav sex trade story but he was at back of spar this night. Jake is very sexy and can cum 3 times easy when he's been on weed. He grabbed me by the arm as soon as I got around the back of the spar and before I could say hello he had me against the wall.

He snogged me hard and fast sucking on my tongue and he also sucked and kissed my neck while I felt his firm arse. He got my tits out and sucked them hard and licked, bit, sucked and played with my nipples. He gorged on my tits sucking and eating them, playing with my fun bags like a dog with his favorite toy. He put his hand up my skirt and into my knickers and fingered me while we snogged. He sucked my tits and fingered my tw*t hard and fast furiously with his fingers really driving them into my tight wet slit while he snogged me and sucked my tits.

He then went down got on his knees pulled my knickers down and went down to my pussy, he turned me around and sucked and licked my pussy out. I had my hands on the wall and tits pushed against the wall as Jake eat and fingered my tight wet slit. Jake then got his hard dick and fucked my pussy while I faced the wall, he felt my tits as he banged me hard and fast. Nicky gave me a few hits of his joint as he and Jase watched as Jake fucked my tight wet twat with his hard throbbing dick. He banged me harder and faster. He kept fucking me hard, he pulled me towards him by my hands and he snogged me from behind while his dick remained deep in my twat. He pushed me forwards again, my hands on the wall, my top now completely off and skirt up around my waist and knickers off as he banged the shit out of my tight twat, it taking all his large fucking dick.

He kept fucking me harder and harder feeling my tits while his cock fucked my wet slit. He then pulled out and turned me around to face him, he lifted me up in the air, my legs wrapped around him and he put me on his cock and bounced me up and down on it fucked me hard while snogging me. He kept banging me hard, pounding me up and down on his hard dick.

He shouted " fuck im gonna cum babe" and he pulled out and I got on my knees and I took his cum in my mouth and swallowed his huge load. We snogged and then smoked and drank some cider. We chatted for a bit but Jason and Nicky wanted to both bang me so no sooner had I pulled my knickers up where they about to come down again.

Jason snogged me while Nicky sucked and kissed my neck. Nicky felt my arse and legs while he kissed and sucked my neck. Jason lifted my top up and started to suck and lick my exposed tits and snogged me as well. Nicky felt my tits then as Jason snogged me. I put my hand down Jasons trackkies and felt his hard dick and began to wank it very hard.

Jake watched smoking and drinking with a clear hard on, he was loving every minute as he watched me in action.

I then got Nicky's dick out and Jason's and they both lent back against the wall. I sucked Nicky's dick hard while wanking Jason's off, Nicky lent forward and put his hands up my skirt and into my knickers and started to play with my swollen tight cunt while I sucked his huge dick. He felt my arse and got to my pussy from the back fingering it while I sucked his dick. I sucked his hard cock good, going up and down his shaft and then taking it deep in my mouth. Licking and sucking his lovely big and heavy balls filed with hot cum just for me.

Jason then went around the back of me and started to feel my arse, he pulled my knickers down and licked my pussy out while I sucked Nicky off. He then got his dick and fucked me hard while I sucked Nicky's dick hard. I could feel his large dick banging my tight wet slit, driving his hard dick deep inside me while I sucked cock hard and fast.

Nicky then sat down Jason pulled out. Nicky then turned me around to face Jason, Nicky then sat me on his cock. I rode Nicky's hard dick it banging my tight slit while I sucked Jason off hard and fast. I was bouncing on Nicky's cock bareback while I was taking Jases huge dick in my mouth.

I went up and down on Nicky's cock while I sucked Jason really hard. Jason wanted more and lifted my legs in the air while I rode Nicky's cock he said " You fuck her arse instead". He got some lube he had brought from naughty and nice and I lubed Nicky's dick up. Nicky's then had me ride his dick with my arse. Nicky was sat on floor and I was on his dick it was right up my tight arsehole. I rode it hard and fast and Jason then moved my legs in the air and I got pulled back a bit by Nicky. Jason then put his dick in my wet cunt and fucked me hard in my pussy while Nicky pounded my arse.

I took both cocks as they fucked the shit out of me hard and fast strokes banging me like a drum. " Oooh yea fuck me lads fuck me hard" I shouted as their cocks banged both my tight holes. Harder and faster both of my holes were fucked by these two large dicks.

Harder and harder they banged me and Jake gave me a few hits of his joint while I took these two dicks in my tight fuck holes. Jake then got his dick out and I sucked his hard cock while I took Nicky and Jason's hard dick so I were serving 3 lads at once taking their hard dicks in every hole. Jake gave me the rest of his joint to finish off and I took a few hits then sucked Jake and continued until the joint was finished all the while Jase and Nicky fucked my arse and pussy.

Jake then snogged me and sucked my tits while Nicky and Jase's cocks drove into my arse and pussy. Nicky and Jase then let out an loud "fuckk" as both of them came at the same time. They both shot their loads up my arse and pussy. I then came to a climax and came squirting all over Jake."fuck fuck yes fucking cum up the sexy fucking bastards yes fuckkk" I shouted and I felt great as Jase and Nicky had creamed me. My holes had been creamed by these two sexy chavs. I then pushed the cum out of my twat and scooped it up and swallowed it.

I got my kit back on and we all sat around chatting for a bit. The 3 lads got hard again and I gave them all wanks taking their cum in my mouth and swallowing all their loads. I went home and fingered myself to multiple orgasms in the shower thinking about what I had done.
Added: 29th June 2013 07:21am