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One Night With Dazza (Views: 4,274)
well one night a couple of years ago so dazza was 18 at time me 21 anyway me dazza,jamie,darren, cris and this lad called mark were on the turnpike librery in leigh .we were at the back of it late at night its seculded you cant go there now as gates lock it up but u could then anyway we were drinking and stuff and id got shagged off jamie and cris and sucked darren off and snog dazza then everyone has to go home but dazza so jamie and the rest go .anyway dazza says to me that he wants to fuck me hard really good at this time he had a pierced eyebrow so pretend he has that on him too. anyway i say well ive got to get back home ill do it tomoz anyway what happened then was he said ok and i started walking out of the car park affair all of a sudden i feel this hand grab hold of me (by the way im wearing a tight gray crop top and very short skirt with panites on) anyway he gets his knife to my neck and says dont worry im not going to hurt u i know u fancy me jamie said come on this is turning u on i wanna fuck now. he let go and took me by my arm into an alley near the turnpike libiry its dark and tight the alley

when he has dragged me there (ididnt put up resistance) he pushes me against the wall and snog me then he turns me around rips my panites and gets his cock out of his trakkies he had blue adidas trakies on and a mckenzie hoodie he then trys to put his dick in me im facing the wall

he cant get it in its too thick yea its too thick so what he does is he spits on his dick but it still wont go in anyway he then gets on his knees and eats my arse hole out like its a twat

then he tries to get his dick in again and its a bit better but still wont go in so he gets some larger out of the tesco bag there are a few cans left from what we had he opens it and pours it on his dick he then jams in it in still on pours more and pushes me on too it and pop he is in

he then tries to get a rytham going but cant so pulls out pours more on and pops it in again now he can get a proper rytham going and starts fucking me im faceing wall remember he then starts to suck kiss my neck while he bangs me

im moaning fucking in heaven fucking loving it. anyway he feels my tits as well. so after a bit he starts to me from behind as well if u know what i mean

anyway his chewie passes from his mouth to mine and back a few times then he spits it out then he says suck me and pulls out and i get on my knees and start to suck his thick cock and its 8 inch as well its a monster im playing with his balls he has black pubes

i can taste the ale on it its mint

anyway im doing this this fella works down the alley and just looks at us. dazza shouts fuck off u fucking cunt and he turns and kind a ruins i think he flashed his knife at him anyway i carried and there are no more interuptions

so im sucking this monster dick spit and ale all over it and then he says come on up pushes me against the wall and snog me more then gets another can of ale and opens it takes a swig gives me some then he pours it in my mouth it goes all over he licks it off my tits and and then he sucks them good. he then pours ale into my mouth while he licks my tongue

it gets better. anyway he pushes me back against walll snog my neck and its good then he lifts my legs up in air holding me up he is so strong(then again im very light but still) anyway he keeps lifting until he can reach my arsehole with his cock and starts to put it in he cant again he puts me down pours more ale on his dick and lifts me up agian it now pops in and he is fucking me again

he does that for a bit and snog me at same time im loving it then after 10 mins of that he pulls out and turns me around again like before so im facing wall again he gets open the 4th and last can of ale and pours it on my arse and his dick he puts his cock in again starts to fuck me hard and fast

ooo h yea ooo dazza baby yea. so he keeps doing it pulls me towards hims o im stood up with his dick in me in stead of leaning more towards the wall he snog me while he pounds me its more sucking tongues anyway he keeps pumping and then pushes me back forward to fuck hard again

he then shouts all shit im cumming now the force of his cause my dick to jig and i cum on the wall he then cums in my arse.( i only do bare with jamie and dazza as i know them well at time i didnt know dazza but 1 too fit 2 too hard) anyway after he cums in me he pulls out snog me again i then suck the drips off his dick after that we cover our bits and sit down and smoke

then we have some weed (i dont do drugs but when i met dazza from 2004 to last dec i always ended up doing weed with him after sex i still fuck him but dont do weed anymore im clean lol well not really this is an update to the story i posted else where i did some after a shag with him recently) anyway after that he was hard from being high so i snog him got his dick out while we were sat and floor and wanked him then he stood up and i gave him a blowjob he came in my mouth we again do more weed and went home.
Added: 7th April 2012 01:45pm