Scally Vault
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As much as I don't like to apply rules, they are needed - just so the site stays legal and all that jazz.

  • Don't upload pictures of anyone under the age of 18 (at the time of the photo being taken)
  • Don't sell drugs via Da'Board
  • Don't sell explosive-y things via Da'Board (That includes fireworks, sparklers, etc...)
  • Don't be racist on site
  • Don't preach religion
  • Don't hate people on the site - if you do, please kindly fuck off! =]
  • Don't get moaning about pictures just because you don't like the look of them (others might!)
  • Do not listen to anyone that says "You HAVE/MUST donate to Scally Vault" because you DON'T! It's your choice if you want to!
  • Go back to Facebook, Twitter or Bebo if you're under 18
  • Be careful - in real-life!! Also please love the site and submit what you can! =]

I believe them rules are good enough!!