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Just two silly lads.
Posted By: Muttley ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 6th Nov 2017 03:36am
cap lad is fit
Posted By: smiffy Posted: 7th Nov 2017 05:12am
Muttley, why do you always point out what is in the photograph? We can see but you are describing what`s there, why???
Posted By: chavlover Posted: 8th Nov 2017 03:41pm
Oh yeh like them two - sexy fit lad ont he left with the long tongue
Posted By: swallowitall ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 8th Nov 2017 08:44pm
Like these cheeky lads. They can come round for a kiss and a cigar.
Posted By: cigarman Posted: 11th Nov 2017 10:23am