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Lovely butt-busting rod on that!
Posted By: charvaluver Posted: 15th Oct 2014 11:02am
Nice big cock....
Posted By: big guy Posted: 15th Oct 2014 01:19pm
WOW! That's a nice young scally cock. Big balls as well!

Looks like he's gaggging for it
Posted By: 3randycunt Posted: 16th Oct 2014 02:52pm
I fuckin want him for Christmas !!
Posted By: Craigy ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 16th Oct 2014 07:45pm
Yeh - I want that for Chrimbo.
Posted By: swallowitall ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 17th Oct 2014 10:25pm
A scally's for life, not just for xmas :)
Posted By: Muttley ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 20th Oct 2014 04:16am
wud love to unwrap him mmm
Posted By: davidmlondon ScallyVault Donator! Posted: 27th Oct 2014 02:15am
look wat sants left,//
Posted By: ryanjames1812 Posted: 11th Aug 2015 05:47pm
Yeah spiritual1970, it sure is. That Titch has some dick on him. I understand that he couldn't resist fucking raw so now he's +ve. Is that right?
Posted By: 3randycunt Posted: 1st Dec 2015 09:07am