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28th April 2019 17:36
[Info] Update and Dormant Accounts
Over the years there's been a huge shift in how people view Scally Vault, yonks back it was mainly just computers, now though it seems there's more mobile viewers than desktop viewers, so as you may have noticed, some changes on the site have happened to cater for mobile viewers.

If some areas of the site don't look right in your mobile web browser, then do let me know so I can fix them.

There's also a lot of accounts on here that have been left dormant, or never even completed their email verficiation, for quite a while, so a nice spring clean is in order.

The criteria for the clean is as follows:

Removed after a week (seven days)

Gives time to appeal the ban.

Removed after two weeks (14 days)

Removed after one month (30 days)

The 30-day 'grace period' is there incase you want your account back, if you do, just relogin and it'll reappear.

Removed after a year (365 days) (to keep your account, just login once a year)

Note: Donator accounts do not fall under the DORMANT ACCOUNTS rules, they do fall under the others though.

This cleaning will also happen every day from now on, so if you have an account that falls into any of the above categories, every trace of it will be removed and cannot be reinstated.

Please note that when an account is fully wiped, any messages that have been sent to YOU from said dormant account will also be removed, so if you notice messages going missing, this is the reason why.