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28th January 2019 17:22
Corrie Sex
It was a hot day in Weatherfield but Seb Franklin was confined to the yard as Gary was away. Given the heat, Seb came to work wearing his tight grey t-shirt, black shiny shorts, short white socks (just covering his ankles) and trainers. For an 18 year old scally, he had a seriously well developed body with big arms (bis and tris straining against the arm holes of his t), traps, stunning pecs (nipples almost like bullets) and a perfect 8 pack, all making an obvious impression through the fabric of his shirt. His legs were like that of a pro footballer - Thick, muscled, defined and hairy.

"Sebastian". Seb turned around.

"Fucking hell, haven't seen you for a while. I thought the feds were after you?" It was Todd Grimshaw.

"Oh they caught up with me" replied Todd "Got 9 months for whacking that copper and I'm still on a tag." Todd, who was also in shorts and a polo shirt, then lifted his leg to show Seb.

"Impressed." He said.

"Huh, not when you have to be in by 7pm on days like this" Todd retorted.

"No I meant yer legs. Sure been looking after yourself Todd"

"Well I used the prison gym a lot and decided to get meself a home gym after I come out, though I must say you're looking fucking good yourself in yer shorts". At this point Seb flexed his biceps.

"Fucking hell Seb you've got some guns there boy." Todd felt them and was well impressed (they were the size of grapefruits and rock solid), there was something else becoming rock solid in Todd's shorts as he then focused on Seb's muscled legs as Todd started feeling his perfectly formed quads.

"Fuck how do you get a body like yours at such a young age? When I was shagging Marcus, you was still at school"

"Ha ha" laughed Seb "I also work out but the lifting I do on this job keeps me fit too". Seb by now had noticed Todd's shorts tent so he responded by standing-up and jumping-up to a conveniently placed metal bar fixed to the top of the door frame. "Watch this Todd". As Seb crossed his ankles and started to perform chin-ups.

"1, 2, 3, 4."

Seb's biceps looked like they were going to rip through his t-shirt. Todd couldn't take his eyes from this stunningly horny sight which was giving him a stinging hard-on; so much so, he gave up trying to conceal it from Seb.

"9, 10, 11, 12".

Todd's cock was starting to leak precum which started showing as a damp patch on his shorts as he chose not to wear a g-string underneath today, being hot.

"21, 22, 23."

Seb's t-shirt was getting damp with sweat, showing off his solid torso even more so.

"29, 30, 31." Seb was slowing up. "Go on Seb, 2 more." Todd shouted. Seb was now on 35 which he just managed to achieve, his forearms and upper arm muscles straining every sinew.

"Good, aint I?" Said Seb as he jumped down. "Fuck that has made me hot." So he slowly stripped-off his t-shirt, screwed it in his hands then threw it to the other side of the office.

"WOW!" cried Todd, seeing Seb's perfectly formed body "Where's Windass?"

"Don't worry about him, he's away". This for Todd was the green light, so he followed suit with his t, then placed his hands on Seb's tits and abs. By now, Seb had a raging boner. "Phowrr looks like you're enjoying this?"

"Sure am." Replied Seb. "I would say you are too." He carried-on flexing as he moved Todd's hand to the outline of his cock, who felt it briefly, then went to release it from its shorts-lined cage. It didn't require too much effort from him for it to spring out in all its glory - At least 8 inches of thick veined 18 y-o Manchester scally cock, ready and waiting for action.

"OH YES!" Shouted Todd, as he pulled the foreskin back and forth slightly a few times, gently felt Seb's bollocks then got his tongue busy on the piss slit. Seb has already started pre-cumming which was licked-up by Todd in no time. "OH Scally Seb, you taste so fucking good. I love fit lads like you when dressed-up like little chav sluts". At which point, he lowered Seb's shorts to reveal his perfect peach arse.

"Commando as well eh? just gets better".

Todd then prised-open Seb's cheeks, dribbled saliva on two fingers, then slowly ran one of them up and down Seb's crack, who by now was moaning. After a minute of two of this, Todd gently inserted it in his hole and soon found his target. This was driving Seb potty as Todd rubbed his prostate with every finger fuck, his dick oozing pre-cum which Todd was collecting with his other hand and licking it from his fingers.

"Oh fuck, no bitch has ever done this to me." Seb cried. "I think I'm going to shoot".

Todd went harder with his fingering of this gorgeous chav twat, whilst its dick was twitching and still oozing. Suddenly Seb let out a scream, every muscle in his stunning body tensed as his fuckpole erupted a first shot of scally spunk, arcing over his head, landing on the window ledge behind it, the 2nd and 3rd blasts crashing into his face and neck, then more shots onto his tits and abs - Must have been 6 or 7 shots at least before eventually subsiding, but still seed dribbling down the shaft.

"I hope Rita or Roy didn't hear you Seb?" Todd joked, as he went to lick the jism from his perfectly formed torso. "Fuck this must be as close to heaven as its gets." Todd went on as he savoured this teen spunk, though he didn't lick it off Seb's cock as he had a use for that...

"Lie on the desk." Todd ordered as he gathered the remaining jizz and lubed Seb's now re-stiffening pole. "Me thinks there's more spunk in you yet".

Todd then dropped his shorts so was bollock naked save for his trainers, invisible white socks and cap. He then lowered his well-seasoned hole onto Seb's (once again) solid dick. Todd's cunt was well used to cock but this made even him wince, but as soon as the head was in, he grinned. He then slowly went down on it, feeling the embossed veins on this gorgeous chav dick rub against the walls of his chute, until his arse cheeks made contact with Seb's bollocks. "OH YES, I've got scally muscle boy cock inside me." Cried Todd as he pulled up on him, gripping Seb's dick like a vice as he went up.

Seb was being taught a lesson in gay boy sex he'll never forget and was loving every second of it as he started to play with Todd's now throbbing rod, precum almost pissing from it. He pulled back its foreskin with one hand while wrapping his other around the shaft so as to imitate a tight bum hole, Seb wanked-off Todd's tool, forearm muscles and biceps rippling in the process. All this was too much for Todd, who let out one scream which must have been heard in the Rovers!

Todd's thick powerful cock shot wad after wad of hot spunk, spattering Seb's slabs of pecs and abs with some on his chin. Seb greedily licked some off his fingers and rubbed some into those tits and abs, then licked it off Todd's cock-tip, all this while his own schlong was pounding Todd's guts, right up to the hilt. By now Seb was about bust his own creamy nut so he warned Todd that he was about to cum again.

"Oh yes Seb, empty your load into me." Todd whispered, by all but worn out.

Seb gave out a long moan, again every muscle tensing as he shot several more blasts of scally seed, this time filling Todd's belly with his white stuff.

"OH YES SEB." Todd shouted, slowly pulling up from Seb's tool which was tugging at Todd's ring. "Fuck that was soo good."

"First time I've had it with a bloke, fuck what have I been missing?" Asked Seb. By now, Todd has put on his shorts even though there a little jizz oozing from both his slit and his well-ploughed hole, not that he cared. "Shit, I've got to get back in time for curfew." After he put on this t-shirt, he opened his rucksack and pulled-out a 7 inch butt plug.

"Here use this." Said Todd as he lobbed it to Seb. "What is it?" He asked. "It's a butt plug. Lube it first then slowly ease it up your chav arse over a week or so. You'll love it and will make it easier for you to take real cock. I've kinda grown out of it now. Anyway got to go now, laters."

"Yeah thanks, you too."

Fuckin looking forward to using this, Seb thought to himself as he lay on the desk, his stunning pecs and abs coated in sweat and cock juice glistening in the sun. Think I'll go in the bistro tomorrow and strip off me top if that Ryan is in there..

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28th April 2019 23:27
hot, do we get a part two?
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12th June 2019 09:46
Oh not sure but I hope this got yer spunk flowing!
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29th June 2019 05:18
yeah just hoping for more!