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21st May 2018 10:16
where is everyone? come and say hi!
Does anyone use this forum much? i know there are probably loads of lurkers on here checking out the pics haha, so reply below and introduce yourself and what your into etc

also who here is on straight scally lads forum?

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3rd June 2018 16:13
I used to use it but not many about on it.

Total bottom love getting banged
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4th August 2018 10:58
good to see ppl posting again!

horny london guy here!
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13th October 2018 14:05
I only come on here once in a blue moon now as it seems like the site is dying. :( Hardly anyone about and very rarely, new pics of fit looking lads get posted up now. :( The site hasn't been updated much in ages!

I'm gay anyway, have a partner and I'm 38 and from Wirral in Merseyside.

Love a bit of the kinky stuff as I have a feet fetish ha-ha.
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Kenny (staff)
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15th October 2018 19:39