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10th December 2016 02:35
[Update] Reverse Image Searching Enabled
As the site still continues to grow (and I still cannot thank you all enough for your support over the past decade), I have decided to release a little addition to any messages you recieve from other members that contain an image attachment - the ability to reverse image search the image sent to you.

Why(?) you may ask, well, you're probably familiar with the term 'catfish', if not, then basically it's a rising problem where someone who uses other peoples pictures and pretends that they're their own to falsely lure you into thinking you're talking to them and/or luring you to send your own pictures in response.

Now that a majority of you are using mobile devices to access the site (of which an updated mobile version of the site is due before the year is out) you cannot do a normal reverse image search (via Google) on a mobile device, so I made a script on my personal website that solves that problem.

Beneath an image you recieve, there'll be a link that you can click, titled 'Reverse Image Search This Image'. Just click that and you'll be redirected to Google Images, where you can see if the image sent to you has come from anywhere else, and IF Google has previously indexed that image but it's not on that persons personal social media page/blog etc, then that's a slight indication that they're using someone elses pictures, unless they can prove it themselves - like the old style way of getting your camera or webcam (almost EVERYONE has a webcam and/or smartphone, so there should be no excuses) and show your face whilst holding a piece of paper with your username infront. Probably sounds daft, but it's a sure fire way to proving who you're really speaking to.

That being said, you can always report a member on the site if you do detect that they may be a potential catfish. I don't want that type on here.

So, that's that update. As I said earlier, there is a website redesign due before the year is out, so that the normal website will be viewable properly on a mobile/tablet device.

And any problems or questions, just drop me a message.

Have a great weekend, SV.