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17th April 2016 20:47
Lads what trainers do you wear? Tell us about em. I love Nike trainers. Fuckin fantastic.

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9th July 2016 03:43
hi bro fuckin love trainers
im wearing usually nike and adidas but like skate shoes too dc and etnies
love wearing trainers all the time
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14th August 2016 14:17
Yo, has to be Nike TNs first then Nike 95s !! Av got 6 pairs of TNs N 5 pairs of 95s. Fuckin luv em N luv fuckin ass wearin TNs N 59Fifty caps .... Fuckin Awesome
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25th September 2016 15:30
has to be nike air maxes for me every time. air max 90s are the best, but also love BWs, 95s and air max skylines aswell.
its proper hot seeing fit lads dressed in air maxes with football socks and trackies.
i also love the air bubbles in them , they proper turn me on and love spunking over them