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31st March 2016 16:59
Council estates
Lads how many of you luve on a council estate? I do and there are plenty of chavs and scallies round here. Is it like that where you live?

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25th September 2016 15:18
i used to live near a council estate and me and a straight mate sometimes used to ride our bikes threw there dressed in trackies and scally gear ( he just used to dress in gear but didnt have a fetish or anything).
it made me well horny seeing the local scally lads, and i always used to ride behind my mate for a good view of his tight bum in trackies (not that he knew that lol)
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27th September 2016 21:12
I live in the "inner city" with nearby estates and loads of slum landlord DSS properties. So its a bit of a scally-land around here. My local rail station is ace place for rough scallies - the workmen are mostly scally lads as well. There is always a scally to oggle.